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Boondock Bowfishing Submersible Bowfishing Targets

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Now available in 22" Carp, 24" Gar, 18" wide Cownose Stingray, 22" Northern Snakehead, 22" Catfish or 12" Goldfish models
The SBT allows the most realistic bowfishing practice(other than live fish). Just tie on a 2lb dumbbell (commonly found at any store for less than $2) and string to the two brass grommets at the desired height you want the target from the bottom and this target will float mid water column waiting to be shot. Other commercial bowfishing targets cost almost 4 times more money and require 2 cement blocks to sink and you have to shoot an unbarbed arrow into them. With the SBT you can always have it on the boat and you can shoot your regular bowfishing arrows into it (Though shooting a barbless arrow will into it will greatly increase the targets life). Great for Bowfishing guide services to introduce their clients to the world of light refraction before putting them on real fish. in my experience 10 minutes with this target really cuts down the learning curve associated with bowfishing. ****Color of bright model targets may vary from gold, Yellow, Orange ext... without notice.****
3D Fish Target
3D Carp Target
3D Gar Target
3D Stingray Target
3D Catfish Target
3D Northern Snakehead Target
3D Goldfish Target