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Boondock Bowfishing Shaft Socket bowfishing arrow holder set

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The Boondock Bowfishing Shaft Socket set allows you to securely attach your arrow to your bowstring with a simple snap. When installed 18 inches apart on the bow string, each lightweight socket adds minimal weight to your bow, while enabling precision and accuracy every time you shoot. With a quick unsnap, you'll easily remove your arrow, getting you ready for the next shot. Upgrade your bowfishing experience with Boondock Outdoors Shaft Socket Arrow Holders!

The Boondock Outdoors Shaft Socket bowfishing arrow holder is comprised of a set of 2 sockets. These sockets are mounted into your bowfishing bows string similar to the way a peep sight is mounted in a conventional hunting bow. 

The sockets are recommended to be mounted approximately 18 inches apart on the bow string. When installed on a Flemish twist string serving them in is optional. When installed in an endless loop bowstring serving is recommended. 

Your arrow can now be snapped into the shaft sockets and hold your arrow perpendicular with the string of your bow. 

To remove your arrow you simply slide your fingers between the arrow and string while lifting the arrow and pressing on the socket.

The set of two sockets only weighs 6 grams.

Available in all 21 colors my other ABS parts are made in. 

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