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Boondock Bowfishing Clicky-Sticks

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Experience the thrill of bowfishing like never before with the Boondock Bowfishing Clicky-Sticks. Choose from 21 colors to customize your trigger, as well as two different trigger lengths, Standard or Stubby. The new V3 models mount directly to the Muzzy XD and other popular reel models for a seamless transition from bow to water. Boost your bowfishing skills with this sleek and durable design, designed to bring the excitement of bowfishing to a whole new level.
**Reel not included** This is for Clicky-Stick Unit only
Color choice is for the trigger only. all bases will be black
21 color choices for the trigger

Two different trigger lengths are available the Standard or Stubby. 
Stubby triggers are 5/8" shorter and work best with the following bows GREX, GNAT, KESTREL, AMERICAN EAGLE, LEVIATHAN, GENESIS RISER BOWS INCLUDING MOST AMS, BEAR AND PSE BOWS


V3 models now available to mount directly to the Muzzy XD(or any push button Muzzy Model), Muzzy Tournament PRO, Cajun Spin Dr. Reels, Archenemy(requires complete reel disassembly and drilling the housing to install on Archenemy model) or the new Cajun Spin Master reel and is recommended as the best Clicky-Stick

Clicky-Stick is the most exciting product to be introduced to the bowfishing world in years.

This device is a spring loaded trigger that automatically opens the bail on your spinner reel and keeps it open.

Clicky-Stick solves alot of problems that people associate with a spinner style bowfishing rig.

  • automatically clicks the bail into an open state.
  • allows automatic free spooling of line.
  • allows the use of "safety slides" without the possibility of "blowing out" the pickup pins.
  • for those tying to the back you no longer have to worry about a "no click" arrow drop situation.
*Lifetime Warranty on all the ABS plastic parts* You just pay Shipping/Handling for warranty replacement

**The Power bands are a wear item then should be replaced at least every 3 months, but recommended every month for optimal performance, The Power bands are common castration bands found at any farm and fleet type store**

Triggers are available in the 21 different colors shown
Weighs less than 1oz!
Made of strong ABS plastic and the tension bands are rubber castration bands

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