Dirty Bird diaphgram call instructions

Warning: Not for children under 12 years of age.         Warning: Contains LATEX.
Simply the best and most realistic sounding bird distress call on the market for calling 
Although this call looks similar to a turkey diaphragm call it is different in many ways. Please do not try to cut your turkey calls to match the pattern of this call or you will ruin them.
Instructions: Place the call on the tip of your tongue with the V notch to the rear. Wet the call for at least one minute in your mouth (Warning: failure to wet the call in your mouth for at least 1 minute will damage the reed of your call). Now place the call up against your palate and blow softly as if you were whistling, while at the same time silently pronouncing words like tweet, chirp, chickee. Once you have the basic bird sounds mastered you will easily be able to manipulate the call to reproduce almost any natural bird sound. . Rolling your tongue and purring with your lips will add shrills and warbles to your sounds. This call is very easy to master and runs on minimal airflow. The high pitch of this call also allows a great kitten distress sound. Try pronouncing the words “weeeel-weel-weeeeeeel” and so on for the kitten distress sounds.