Clicky-Stick Original Muzzy, Fin-Finder and other similar designed reel seat instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Boondock-Outdoors Clicky-Stick for the Original Muzzy, Fin-Finder and other similar designed reel seat

To install and adjust please follow these simple instructions. 

Begin with your reel seat and reel installed on your bow.

you will want to install the Clicky-Stick between the rear knurled lock rings of your reel seat. 

a good rule of thumb to start is to position the Clicky-Stick so that when the trigger is straight up that it is about 1/8" away from your reel button. you can adjust this by flopping the base 180 degrees if neccessary.

you will then replace the rear cap screw on your Muzzy reel with the supplied eye bolt and attach the s hook from the power band to the eye screw. 

Your Clicky-Stick should now be working. you reel will now be in a state of constant open bail until you pull back on the trigger and crank the handle to close the bail allowing you to reel in.