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2019 Boondock Outdoors Scattergun Challenge registration. Oct, 26th&27th 2019

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Please read this and follow everything exactly. Reading comprehension will be used here. Haha

You will have to add this FREE product to the cart and check out. You must fill out the test box for each team member(2 man team max) remember to note in each if you want included in the optional $10 side pot in each person's text box. This will not charge you anything. 

You will then paypal the entry fee of $50.00 plus side pot entry money if you choose to enter the side pot to 

There will be a new optional $10 per person(per person not per team if both team members want in its $20 total for the side pot) MYSTERY SIDE POT this year. This side pot will also be a 1 winner take all. After all animals have been checked in I will draw from one container a "BIG" OR "SMALL" and from another container one species from a list of those in the hunt. For example if I draw small and raccoon then the person who was in the side pot with the smallest raccoon will take all the money from thr side pot. Once again, this is optional and per person(not per team). Also to qualify for the side pot you do not have to meet the "buy-in" any legsl animal shot by someone entered in the hunt with a shotgun qualifies for the side pot as long as that person is entered in the side pot. 

If you choose to mail the entry fee it must arrive here by the 24th of October, 2019 or you will not be registered. 

Address if you choose snail mail is.

Boondock Outdoors

3289 Zion Road

OLANTA, PA 16863

Once your registration is complete you will be notified with your team number. 

Good luck to all. This is going to be a very challenging and interesting hunt. 


Official Rules.

The "Boondock Outdoors Scattergun Challenge" is a SHOTGUN only and PENNSYLVANIA only predator hunting contest.

All animals harvested for this contest MUST be harvested with a legal Shotgun and legal shotshells for Pennsylvania Furtaker Hunting. No shot larger than #4 buck. No slugs allowed. No animals with any other wounds will be counted period!

All animals must be harvested in accordance to all Pennsylvania laws. Each hunter must be a licensed Pennsylvania Hunter and Furtaker and must have both of their license at check in.

All animals must be hunted and harvested without the assistance of dogs/hounds. This is a calling related contest.

The entry fee for this contest is $50.00 per two man team (you may hunt this contest as a single hunter team, but you will still pay $50.00 for the entry).**Team Members MUST hunt together**

Multiple teams may not hunt together, combine, or share animals in any way.

In this contest, a single winning team will receive 100% of the entry fees as the prize for winning. There will not be a tie, one team will win. (Tie breakers are explained below.)

The killing time for this contest will start at 12:01 am October 26th, 2019, and end at 10:00 am October 27th, 2019(opening night of the PA Furtaker Season). Absolutely all animals harvested for this contest MUST be killed during these hours!! Kill blocks will be used in this contest. (A kill block explanation is listed below.)


This contest will use kill blocks on all animals harvested for this contest including the "BUY IN" crows.

In this contest, the kill blocks will be common popsicle sticks broken in half.

The half popsicle stick must have a code written on it with black sharpie marker and inserted into the animal's mouth completely, then closed and secured shut with a common zip tie / cable tie. The code that must be on the half popsicle stick will be posted on the PA Predator Hunters Facebook page and also the Boondock Outdoors Store Facebook page right before the hunt starts. All animals checked in for the points system will have their jaws broke open and the kill blocks checked.

The official check in will be held at the West Decatur Sportsman's Club located at 228 Sportsman's road in West Decatur, PA, 16878. (This is the same location of the PA Calling Championship for the PA Predator Hunters Facebook group was held this year.) We will start checking in animals at 12noon and no animals will be accepted after 2pm unless already in line to check by 2pm.

The contest winner will be decided by a points system. The contest points system is as follows:

Coyotes = 3 points

Fox (either red or grey) = 2 points

Raccoon = 1 point (Reminder: Raccoon cannot be harvested on Sundays in PA)

Opossum(no electric caller can be used for these per PA Law)= .5(1/2) point

Here is the challenge: In order to count any of your harvest for points, you MUST have a "BUY IN". The official "BUY IN" for this contest is 3 COMMON CROWS, which must be presented first as your "BUY IN". THIS IS 3 CROWS total, NOT 3 CROWS PER ANIMAL.

In the event that no team shoots 3 crows, the "BUY IN" becomes 2 crows.

In the event that no team shoots 2 crows, the "BUY IN" becomes 1 crow.

In the event that no team shoots 1 crow, the "BUY IN" becomes 1 coyote.

In the event that no team shoots 1 coyote, the "BUY IN" becomes 1 fox.

In the event that no team shoots 1 fox, then the "BUY IN" becomes 1 raccoon.

In the event that no team shoots 1 raccoon, then the "BUY IN" becomes 1 opossum.

In the event that no teams shoot any animals for points, (I will be very disappointed in you all) the Prize will be given to one team by number generator, live in front of all at check in. Your team number will be the number used for this. (Lets hope this does not need to be used!!)


The Tie breakers for total points will be as follows:

In the event of a tie, the team whose crow has the longest beak (measured with a digital caliper) will win. (If this is a tie, then we go to the next tie breaker down the line)

In the event none of the teams has a crow, the tie breaker becomes the team with the most coyotes will win. (If this is a tie then, we go to the next tie breaker down the line)

In the event that none of the teams have a coyote, then the tie breaker becomes the team with the most fox will win. (If this is a tie, then we go to the next tie breaker down the line)

In the event that none of the teams have any fox, then the tie breaker becomes the team with the most raccoons wins. (If this is a tie, then we go to the next tie breaker down the line)

In the that there is a raccoon tie, then each team will cut a whisker from a raccoon and the longest measured with the digital caliper wins. (If this is a tie, then we go to the next tie breaker down the line)

In the event this goes this far, there will be a special shotgun shoot until a winner is declared by the contest official (I hope to GOD we never have to do this!! haha)

All team members must be at check in for your harvests to be counted for points.

A Team with 2 youth hunters must have an adult with then at all times(this adult cannot participate in the hunt in any way just be an legal guardian.

Not following the rules will result in a disqualification, if seen fit by the contest official.

This contest is a mix of strategy, skill and luck. Hunt safe, hunt fun...Good luck to all!

I will have registration open this Friday. 
Please read all before asking questions. It is very frustrating to have to answer questions that are plainly written out if you read.