1 Registration for the 2017 Boondock Bowfishing Bonanza Tournamet.

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1 purchase per team only

This product will show sold out until 7pm on April 27th, 2017 when registration begins.

Please read everything below completely.

The Name used for purchase of this spot is the Team Captain and must be at the Captains meeting and on the boat shooting in the tournament. 

Registration will open on April 27th, 2017 at exactly 7pm. The first 15 teams to register will get the spots. These registrations and all fees are not transferable or refundable in any way.

This tournament is being designed to be fun for all and a meeting place for like minded people who are passionate about the sport of bowfishing.

Cost is $100 per team and I will pay out 100% of the money generated minus the $25 park fee and a 2.9% +.30 transaction fee from each entry. This is a cc or paypal only payment. the print and call option will not be excepted.

Example each team pays $100 -2.9%+.30 fees = $96.80 then - $1.67 which is 1/15th of the park fee = $95.13 to go to the prize money. This equals $1,426.95 in prize money if all 15 spots are taken. 

1st place by tournament rules will be $1,000 if all 15 spots are filled

2nd place will be 65% of the remaining which will be $277.52 if all 15 spots are filled

3rd will be the remaining $149.43 if all 15 spots are filled

There will also be Big fish, Small Fish, and a hidden target side pots which will all be cash entries at the Tournament pre fish meeting.


The format for the main tournament will be drawn at random during the captains meeting at 7pm sharp on the 27th of May, 2017 at Lower Greens launch area. If you and your team are not here at 7pm sharp you will not be competing and you will forfeit all your entry moneys. There will be at least 5 different formats which this can end up being. This will be interesting as strategies will have to be made in a short period of time. 

Myself and 2 other safety boats will be on the water that night everyone will have my cellphone number to report any accidents, dangerous situations or cheating.


Please read the rules below and if you do not agree with them then please do not register. These rules are in effect to make this a safe and fun tournament for all.



2017 Boondock Bo Bonanza Tournament Rules


These Rules will be STRICTLY ENFORCED!

  1. Each team member MUST have a valid Pennsylvania state fishing licenses.
  2. Each team must have proper registration papers and registration numbers.
  3. Any & all air boats or fan boats must have a suitable shroud protecting the fan blades as well as an orange safety flag on top of fan shroud and also must exhaust below the transom of the boat.
  4. Any boats with a “kicker” (front control gas motor of any kind) style motor must have a tether kill switch at front controls.
  5. Each boat must have the following safety equipment: Running lights, fire extinguisher, one throw-able life preserver, horn or whistle, and appropriate number of life jackets, or applicable equipment for the vessel.
  6. Each team member must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime the boat is traveling faster than no wake speed.
  7. No wading (for safety reasons) Bows must remain in boat.
  8. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are PROHIBITED.
  9. Each Boat and Trailer must have a valid registration and inspection if needed in its home state.
  10. Any violation of the hosting State Law Enforcement, DOT or Fish & Game Department will automatically disqualify the participants from the tournament.
  11. Up to 4 persons per team, one team per boat. A Camera person is allowed on board but cannot assist in any way team with more than (4) persons on board may not have more than (4) bows on their boat.
  12. All boats will leave and return to the Lower Greens launching cove in a NO-WAKE idle.
  13. The winner of the tournament will be decided upon the total undecided yet
  14. It is the team’s responsibility to have their fish ready for check-in.
  15. Scouting may be done anytime, prior to midnight before the tournament.
  16. Fish entries must be taken with bow (compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow) and a single point arrow only.
  17. No fish points or arrows with explosives or other shocking devices allowed.
  18. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval.
  19. No dip nets, or gigs will be allowed in the boats. Gaff hooks with a single hook will be allowed for landing big fish but must not be longer than 60”.
  20. All boats will be subjected to a random inspection by tournament officials from the time of sign in check until the Tournament 100% ends and the Prizes are awarded.
  21. No Boat shall be within 100’ of another boat while the tournament in ongoing unless it is an eminent danger and emergency situation.
  22. All of the Foster J. Sayers Dam and any waters navigable without your boat leaving the water. Absolutely no trailering of your boat in any way while the tournament is underway. Once you trailer your boat you are officially done competing for this tournament.
  23. Each team will be allowed the use of only ONE boat during the tournament.
  24. For safety reasons, a team may drop off equipment and/or fish barrels at the check-in location throughout the night (to insure that boats are not overloaded) provided that ALL team members leave the tournament site and ALL team members and their fish return for the weigh-in. Barrels must have the team number attached to them and are not the responsibility of the tournament officials. All fish must remain in Barrels & not be dumped on the event grounds.
  25. Any boat may be checked by officials at any time until the tournament is officially complete.
  26. Boats are required to be at weigh in.
  27. Transfering of fish between teams will result in the disqualification of all teams involved. No fish may be transferred from one team to another team FOR ANY REASON!
  28. All Team Members must make OFFICIAL FISH WEIGH IN. Failure to do so will result in the disqualification and forfeiture of any awards or prizes. No grace period will be allowed. Official time is kept by the official collecting registrations/tokens at the tournament site. You must be on site by or before official check-in time of 7:30am
  29. No unsportsmanlike like conduct will be tolerated. Teams must keep a respectable distance between boats, no crowding and no “owning” a fishing spot.
  30. The decisions of the Tournament officials will be FINAL!!
  31. Failure to comply with Tournament Rules will result in disqualification, you will be asked to leave the water and all adjoining grounds, The Pa Fish and Boat Commission will be contacted and the entry fee will be FORFEITED no refunds!
  32. All participants must check out with a tournament Official prior to leaving the tournament.
  33. Tournament hosts and sponsors will not be responsible for accidents or lost property.
  34. All participants will respect the rights and privacy of all non-participants on or around the water. Please be courteous and polite. Participants are asked to avoid congested and populated areas. Bank fishers have the right of way.
  35. Restricted areas are enforced for this tournament-NO SCOUTING OR FISHING ALLOWED. Violators will be disqualified- NO QUESTIONS! Know where these areas are-it is your responsibility! Each boat will be given a map with restricted areas clearly marked.
  36. Foster J Sayers Dam has a counter clockwise travel pattern and a 45mph speed limit both of these will be enforced.
  37. ABSOLUTELY NO traveling at more than no wake speeds with any attached accessory lighting other than your mandatory navigation lights on during this tournament.


~ 2017 Boondock Bowfishing Bonanza Tournament CHECKLIST ~

Please review before entering the Tournament. All boats must pass safety inspection.


  2. ( ) ( ) SINGLE HOOK GAFF- UNDER 60”
  3. ( ) ( ) RUNNING LIGHTS
  6. ( ) ( ) LIFE JACKETS
  9. ( ) ( ) HORN OR WHISTLE

TEAM CAPTAIN / BOAT INSPECTORS SIGNATURE ___________________________________________Date: _________

TEAM MEMBERS SIGNATURE____________________________________________________________Date:__________

TEAM MEMBERS SIGNATURE____________________________________________________________Date:__________

TEAM MEMBERS SIGNATURE____________________________________________________________Date:__________

TEAM MEMBERS SIGNATURE____________________________________________________________Date:__________

**NOTE: Each boat must fully pass inspection prior to the start of the tournament & it is the responsibility of Captain to ensure that the vessel meets or exceeds all safety protocols given by state & federal authorities!!