Predator Tactics "Nightmare" light kit

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Predator Tactics™ has revolutionized the night hunting industry with the patent pending Nightmare™ hunting lights!

The patent pending Nightmare™ by Predator Tactics™ is loaded up with game changing features that will help you to put more fur in the truck and pork in the freezer! This powerhouse will out perform any Hunting Light and Hog Light on the market with is ability to adapt to any hunting situation with the all in one 4 color LED bulb module that fires out your color of choice at great distances down range letting you positively identify your target before you squeeze the trigger. The patent pending Nightmare™ by Predator Tactics™ has taken the predator hunting lights and hog hunting lights market to the next level!

The patent pending Nightmare™ by Predator Tactics™ offers the All In One 4 Color LED Bulb Module that allows you to quickly change between a GREEN, RED, BLUE & WHITE color beam in under 3 seconds. Knowing the right time to utilize the right color is important and here are a few pro’s & con’s to each color and recommendations on when to use what color option.

The Color Change Switch is located on the shaft of the patent pending Nightmare™ and is equipped with a built in memory function. By pressing the Color Change Switch the lights beam will change to the next color. You are able to filter through the 4 colors in under 3 seconds. The Built In Memory function will ensure that the color chosen on the patent pending Nightmare™ will remain to stay on the color that was last used when turned off until you decide to change the color by clicking through the color change switch. This eliminates the need to click through the color modes each time you turn on the patent pending Nightmare™ to get to your desired color of choice.

The patent pending Nightmare™ features a 100% Silent Intensity Control Remote Switch that is easily plugged into the tail cap. The Intensity switch allows you to operate the on/off function of the light as well as control the lights intensity from 0% to 100% brightness. The intensity switch has a built in memory feature that will keep the lights intensity at the same level when turned off and back on when using the switch, until you decide to change the intensity by pressing the (+) or (-) on the switch pad.

The patent pending Nightmare™ comes equipped with the Splash Killer Halo Shield Extension. The Splash Killer Halo Shield Extension is easily threaded onto the built in halo shield for the added protection against any unwanted light splash. This helps you maintain complete control of where your lights beam is projected. With this added benefit the patent pending Nightmare™ only illuminates the objects you want it to. This is a solution to helping keep yourself as concealed as possible and not alerting the critters that you are after.

  • Up To 550+ Yards of Target Identification*
  • All In One 4 Color LED Bulb w/
  • Color Change Switch w/ Built In
    Memory Function
  • 100% Silent On/Off Push Button Tail Cap
  • 100% Silent Intensity Control On/Off
    Remote Switch w/ Built In Memory Function
  • Adjustable Focus w/ Non-Slip Grip
  • Built In Halo Shield
  • Removable Splash Killer Halo
    Shield Extension
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Rainproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable Mounting System with Windage/Elevation
  • Mounts to Rails and Scopes
  • Up to 3.5 hours of burn time per battery
  • Functions in -25 degree temps