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Wicked Lights Intensity Control LED & Tailcap Upgrade Kit to make a W402zf into a W403-IC

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  • For use in upgrading your Wicked W402ZF light to the W403IC (Full Intensity Control) configuration.
  • Includes W403-IC LED in color of your choice and W403IC Intensity Control Tailcap
  • Upgrade Note:  Be aware when upgrading a W402ZF light to the W403-IC configuration.  The W403-IC LED is designed to operate on ONE Li-Ion 18650 battery ONLY. Do not atempt to operate the W403-IC LED or a light upgraded to the W403-IC configuration with 2 BATTERIES (Reminder the W402 can be configured to operate with 2 batteries using the battery doubler section) as it will damage the LED and VOID the waranty.