Wicked Lights Heavy Duty Coil Cord ON/OFF Switch with plug in base

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Compatible with W400, W402 lights can also be used on W403 lights, but you will only have high power.

MKIII heavy duty coil cord ON/OFF switch with plug in tail cap. The MKIII features a heavy duty "plug in style" coiled cord and tail cap Plug in style is much more robust and durable as compared to direct wired tail caps. Includes velcro pad for attaching coiled cord switch to weapon For use with Wicked Lights only. WARNING: Make sure you detach the velcro switch from your weapon, and allow the coiled cord to rotate freely (360 degrees) or un-plug the coiled cord from the tail cap, when removing or installing the tailcap. You can twist or break the wires inside the coiled cord if you do not follow this warning.