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Bipod Shooting Sticks

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 I could tell you how this system works with your rifle, handgun, shotgun, bow, crossbow, even your video camera.

I could go on to tell you how it works standing, kneeling, sitting or prone.

I could even tell you how it works from your deerstand, dog house blind, sitting on the ground,

a mountain ridge or in the door of a helicopter... yep a helicopter .

But the best way for YOU to make a decision is to WATCH THE VIDEO.


Lightweight (7.5 Ounces)

Not bulky (15" long x 1-3/4" dia.)

BIPOD Shooting Sticks come with a neoprene carry case that fold inside of itself to support the ends of the sticks for standing as well as sitting. It also doubles as a sheath for over the shoulder rifle carry and can be strung onto your gunsling.

Designed to work from a standing position as a belt supported monopod, allowing free follow target aquisition.

From a kneeling position as a monopod or a BIPOD.

Folded down one length BIPOD Shooting Sticks can be used in a sitting position as well as working from your deer stand.

And for those varmint hunters out there who look for that long shot from the prone position BIPOD Shooting Sticks are your answer.

The unique LOOP LOCK and PINCH LOCK system makes these the only shooting stick that holds onto your gun while you shoot.

Turkey hunters and varmint hunters love them for freeing up their hands for calling.

This is truly lightweight functional hunting gear no hardware required.

Said to be "The most versatile sticks you'll find" by the NRA.

MADE IN THE USA thats The United States of America, made in America by Americans